The Celator, which served for 25 years as the world's premier journal for ancient coin collectors, is no longer in production. Fortunately, the content is available in its entirety online and is freely accessible to the public for personal non commercial use.  For a quarter century, this publication demonstrated the breadth of knowledge that amateurs and open-minded academics could share in an open forum and productive spirit of cooperation.  Sadly, that spirit is all but lost today amidst a firestorm of politicized blame and ideologically motivated condemnation of independent scholarship, private ownership and international commerce.  The Celator, and this site, are a tribute to what can be done when academia and the private sector work toward common goals.  Each issue of The Celator was designed to present three feature articles.  The average processing time between article submission and publication was about three to four months.  Because the publication of a peer-reviewed article in an academic journal can take as many years as it did months at The Celator, many professional scholars chose the latter for short articles that they found difficulty publishing in academic journals. 

   The ancient coin collecting community is comprised of people from all walks of life and many are quite capable of the level of research demanded by academia, but have chosen different career paths.   Consequently, The Celator achieved a very respectable reputation for the quality of articles published.  The publication was founded in 1987 by Wayne G. Sayles who published it with the help of family members until 1999 when it was sold to Kerry K. Wetterstrom.  Kerry published it for another 13 years before experiencing significant health problems and being forced to cease publishing of the journal in its 25th year.  Both Wayne and Kerry were and still are professional numismatists.

Although The Celator is not likely to be resurrected anytime soon, this site will remain available as a collector resource until further notice.  Any and all articles posted here are protected by copyright and may not be republished or distributed by any means without the express permission of the copyright holders.  Individual articles may be extracted for personal use but may not be posted in other media or online venues other than as citations or brief references.