Celator Articles

Through a contractual agreement between VCoins, LLC and Celator, Inc., the 299 issues of The Celator published between February 1987 and June 2012 have been digitized and preserved in searchable PDF format.  They are accessible with excellent color and clarity as a VCoins Community resource at  https://community.vcoins.com/category/the-celator/

All articles, and the index, are copyrighted in the year of issue by Celator, Inc. They are provided for your personal use and reading pleasure, but may not be reproduced or redistributed for any purpose without the written permission of the publisher.

Cartoons by Parnell Nelson An entertaining assortment of cartoons created by Parnell Nelson and published in The Celator.

Looking Glass-September 2003, Collecting=Looting? Op-ed by Wayne G. Sayles about AIA condemnation of private collecting.

Douglas D. Smith, Line Drawings From Coins: The Easy Way -- April 1994 issue.

Celator Index, Current as of: September 1998 issue

William E. Daehn - Making sense of Greek weight standards, August 1991 issue (HTML)

Michael Marotta - Coins show they knew it was round, February 1998 issue (HTML, text only)

Henry C. Chitwood , An Ancient Coin Collection? Lot of Thracian coins reveals unpublished specimens - January 1997 issue (HTML)

Molnar, Michael - Symbolism of Spheres, June 1998 issue

Clifton Fox - What, if anything, is a Byzantine? March 1996 issue (link to author's web page)