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The only guild of collectors in ancient numismatics -- dedicated to preserving the hobby.

The largest association of coin collectors in the world.

The premier American society for collectors of Ancient, Medieval and Modern Coins. Maintains the largest collection of numismatic material in the world.

A venerable British society for collectors of all areas of numismatics, open to members outside of Britain as well.

An association of dealers and individuals dedicated to insuring integrity in the numismatic marketplace.

A Canadian organization with international membership

An international organization for collectors and students of Islamic/Oriental coinage

An international organization for collectors and students of world coinage

An international organization for collectors and students of world coinage

News and information about ancient coins and antiquities, links directly to the Coin Department.

One of the preeminent centers of Byzantine Studies in the world. Maintains a spectacular collection of coins, medals and artifacts.

Specializing in art of ancient Egypt, but includes a great deal of material from nearby regions as well.

An educational and visually appealing timeline and guide to antiquities at the Metropolitan Museum.

Jim McWhorter's listing of museums with displays of ancient coins

Lawrence University at Appleton, Wisconsin, presents an online exhibition of the Ottilia Buerger Collection of Ancient and Byzantine Coins

An informational site with many useful links to resources and information for coin collectors.


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