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6 x The Order of Nature in Aristotle's Physics
7 x Brief Survey of Austrian History
6 x First to Fall
6 x A History of the Moghuls of Central Asia
9 x The Imperial Monetary System of Mughal India
8 x Chronicles of the Crusades
7 x MATSA Co. Ltd - Auction 45
6 x Gold Coins of the World
4 x Dio Chrysostom Discourses 31-36
3 x Ilkhans: Coinage of the Persian Mongols
5 x Le tessere veneziane dell'olio
3 x The Search for Alexander
2 x Society and Culture in Medieval India (1206-1556 A.D.)
1 x SNG ANS 6 - Palestine-South Arabia
2 x Ancient Coins and Antiquities - 65
1 x SNG Turkey 3
2 x Earth and Metals
2 x Coinge in the Roman World
1 x La Fin de L'Empire Romain et le Monnayage OR en Italle - Vol. I
1 x Indo-Islamic Architecture
2 x The Beauty of Ancient Glass
1 x Catalogue of Campaign and Independence Medals ...
1 x Bulle et Monnaies inédites de Jean Ducas Comnéne
1 x Alberuni's India
1 x Dieties and Dignitaries in Ancient Egyptian Art
2 x Treasures of Thrace
1 x The Ned H. and Gloria A. Griner Greek and Roman Coin Collection
3 x A Propos de la Décoverte de Deux Secaux Byzantins de Dinogetia
1 x The Good Life
1 x Alexandrian Coins
1 x Classical Deception
3 x Ancient Coins and Antiquities - 50
1 x Coins of England and the United Kingdom
1 x SNG France 3
2 x Group of Five Celator Back Issues
1 x Art Glass Identification & Price Guide
1 x The Celator Vol. I, # 1
2 x A Checklist of Popular Islamic Coins
1 x Ancient Coins and Antiquities - 55
1 x The Cob Coinage of Columbia, 1622-1756
1 x Catålogo de Monedas Antiquas de Hispania
1 x A Third Century Hoard of Tetradrachms from Gordion
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